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Mysterious & Radiant

Brand Concept

“神秘的” Mysterious

“光輝く” Radiant

Mysteriously radiant semi-precious stones and gemstones; the materials of M & R jewelry.
M & R jewelry is understated but has a gleaming character.
Letting your inner personality to glitter……
Craftsmanship with a purposeful glint of personality is the fundamental principle of M & R.

Design Concept Concept

Semi precious stones & Gemstones

We express subtle nuances with thoughtful combinations of an array of color and texture of gemstones.

Thoughtful details…
That’s the design concept of M & R.

Our entire concept espouses simplicity so as to show off the fascination of gemstones.
Simplicity contains variously weaved characters…
Designed for adults with affluence in simplicity.
One Off
Every gemstone is unique in the world; therefore every M & R creation is unique.
All designs are limited edition as every design is based on the inspiration from the gemstones which are in limited supply at different times.
This underpins the M & R policy to help you enjoy unique and individual jewelry.
Wide Variations
Using various kinds of gemstones with diverse cutting techniques, we offer a wide range of design variations as well as colors so that you can choose the right jewelry to match your style, mood or occasion.
We offer over 200 types of design concepts.

Product Line Concept

Cool & Casual
“Cool & Casual” is stylish, colorful and active; our main product line.
“Luxury” is our sophisticated and sensual product line, premium products with high-class jewelry cutting. You will be completely-satisfied with a one of a kind creation.

Semi precious stones & Gemstones

Semi-precious stones and gemstones nurtured in the earth

Semi precious stones & Gemstones

Myriad kinds of gemstones glittering in various colors and lights

Gemstones glittering in various colors and lights include unfamiliar ones as well as well-recognized stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire or crystal.

These semi-precious stones and gemstones have been attracting people and esteemed as jewelry since ancient times.

These semi-precious stones and gemstones have been giving off new radiance and beauty with ever advancing polishing, cutting and processing technologies and they capture people's imagination as ever.

M & R carefully selects semi-precious stones and gemstones from all over the world and produces casual and more formal jewelry that can be easily enjoyed.

M & R jewelry is created by its Japanese designer with inspiration and passion ensuring consistent quality, handmade in Japan with dedicated craftsmanship.

You can realize superior quality as well as detailed design with every product.